LoveSick Darlings Funding Anniversary Live Premiere + Q&A Event START TIME!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! This is just a quick post and follow-up about the live event I discussed in the last Kickstarter developer update!

So, in my last Kickstarter update, I mentioned that I wanted to go big and share something huge and exciting with you all for the one-year anniversary of LoveSick Darlings being funded - so I decided I'd reveal the animated opening sequence I commissioned for LoveSick Darlings  with you all! 

I want to make it a live premiere event (so we can all watch it together!) with a livestream afterwards to ask questions and discuss the opening (as well as chat about the project overall!)

The only thing was that I hadn't decided on a time to premiere the opening yet. Being in Australia, I know my timezone rarely lines up well with other parts of the world. So with this in mind I decided to hold a poll where you could all tell me what times best suited you! And the results are in!

The poll was VERY close but... in the end, a time was decided! (Thank you all for voting!) Check it out below!


And of course, here's a link to the LoveSick Darlings Twitch Channel! Here's where I'll be doing the live Q&A afterwards :)

In case you'd like it written down to, here is when the premiere starts in timezones around the world:

- January 3rd: 9AM AEDT

- January 2nd: 10PM GMT

- January 2nd: 5PM EST

- January 2nd: 2PM PST

You can use a timezone converter to get your time if you need to, but the premiere page on Youtube also provides a countdown that will automatically adjust for your timezone. In any case, the stream starts in just over 38 hours from when you received this e-mail notification in your inbox!

If you'd like any more details about the event and plans, feel free to read the December Dev Update if you need a refresher.

Thank you all so much for reading this! I know I haven't posted much on itch recently, but I still hope to see lots of you during the premiere and the Q&A stream afterwards! Get some questions ready in adance, and please feel free to share any thoughts or questions that come to mind after you watch the opening animation! I seriously hope you all love it as much as I do (because I am seriously in love with it!)

We can all have a good time just chatting together for a while, and the stream will only be 2 hours long (give or take). You don't have to come and stay for the whole thing of course, so even if you just come to say hello that'd still be really amazing!

I can't make any promises... but there may or may not be a special guest or two in the chat OR via voice call with me during the stream! I am still waiting on word back, but people who have been involved with LoveSick Darlings development may be there to answer all kinds of questions and provide some commentary!

Hope to see you all there in any case though. Thanks heaps! I hope this event can help us all kick off 2021 with an awesome start!


PS: I may or may not debut a very small amount of NEW CONTENT during the Q&A stream so... just saying, you may wanna come see that too... if you like!

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