LoveSick Darlings 1.5 Demo is OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

What's new in version 1.5?

That' right! There is yet another major update to the LoveSick Darlings demo! I wrote all about it here in this month's dev update on Kickstarter! You can read all the juicy details and news there.

Here is a basic rundown of the changes!


- Complete overhaul of Albie's story. Now features his struggles at his religious private school and choosing between making Maisy or his parents happy. He has a frail constitution due to a life-saving surgery when he was a baby, but is no longer chronically ill in the way he was before.

- EXPANSION of Maisy's backstory! Maisy has now only arrived at Foster Hills High the year before Syd got there, after she was expelled from her previous school because of a certain "incident" involving her and another student. This is the same religious school that Albie is still going to currently!

- RESHUFFLING OF EVENTS: The shopping trip with Maisy has been completely rewritten and takes place on on the Sunday of Week 6! And now features Albie! And gift-buying! It's good fun! I hope you enjoy this streamlined version of advetures with Maisy and Albie.

- ADDITIONAL FREE TIME DAY NOW AVAILABLE IN THE DEMO! Because of the above reshuffling, this means Monday Afternoon on Week 7 has opened up - giving players additional Free Time options in the demo! And a dilemma between Maisy and Steph that day! Who will Syd choose to impress? His crush or his best friend? It's up to you!

- ✨ BRAND NEW ✨ Title Screen!

- 🎶 ADDITIONAL MUSIC TRACKS! 🎶 A few new tracks have snuck into the demo! I hope you enjoy hearing them! 

- Albie's casual outfit and Maisy's Pyjama outfit have both been implemented! 👀

- Both Albie and Maisy's birthdays have been retconned. Albie is now a Scorpio, and Maisy is a Sagitarius to suit the in-game dates better (I know this seems minor, but it's an official retcon!)

- Corrected typos. Fixed some events not triggering properly.

And that about covers it! You can go play the update yourself on itch right now! (You will need to redownload the game here on itch to enjoy the update!)

I'd love to hear any and all feedback you have! Do you like Albie's new storyline? Is Maisy's expanded backstory intriguing? Tell me all your thoughts, please!

And please let me know if you run into ANY errors or problems whatsoever!

Follow the project on Twitter for all the latest news!

Thanks for reading and following this game! Your support means the world to me, and I promise I'm still working hard on the full game!


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Glad to see you and the project yet live!

Yes we do! Sorry I'm not active on itch, but I promise I am still working! You can see me on Twitter and Kickstarter lots of the time :)