25% Funded in... 24 Hours?! - Kickstarter Progress Update!

You heard that right... in just 24 hours, this project is 25% funded on Kickstarter! You guys are all amazing!

The community has blown away my expectations so far! I am so overjoyed to see the campaign for this game come out with such a strong start!

I'm also glad to see that we even have 50+ individual backers all contributing to the project! It's such an awesome turnout to have so many individual people come together for this game. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting the project.

Let's keep this momentum going and take this pace all the way to complete funding! And then into some of those awesome stretch goals! I can't wait to see how far we can get with all of your help! You're all simply incredible.

Thanks for tuning into this little update. I just want to keep you all in the loop! I promise I won't post too many of these and flood your inboxes... I just thought that getting 25% funded in 24 hours was news special enough worth sharing with you all!

I'll most likely post here on itch again next week for the scheduled developer log! Thanks guys!

If you haven't yet, and enjoyed the demo on here, be sure to check out our Kickstarter and consider supporting the project! There are limited time specials like copies of LoveSick Darlings at a discount! And free written scenes that come with the purchase of any original artwork you commission via the Kickstarter page! And so much more! These special won't last forever either, so act now! Click here to find out more:


Download the brand new 1.3 demo from here on itch.io via the main page if you want to try the new demo out!
There's a lot of great new features and assets I want you all to experience!

Thank you so much. Here's to the continued success of LoveSick Darlings!







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