LIVESTREAM ANNOUNCEMENT! I will be streaming LoveSick Darlings on Twitch!

Hello everyone! Consider this your formal invitation to the first of two celebratory developer livestreams of LoveSick Darlings!

Remember that poll from a few weeks ago I did on here? Well, this is the follow-up! I will be holding a livestream where I feature the game!

Why do a livestream? To celebrate how this Kickstarter is going! I mentioned it previously, but with the campaign wrapping up in five days, I wanted to give back to all the backers and anyone else supporting this project by doing a fun little stream where I showcase the game (the 1.3 demo) and just have a chat with all of you guys!

When is it? VERY SOON! 29 hours from when this update goes live! Check the times in the above image for when I will go live! Make sure to use a time-and-date calculator/converter if you get mixed up at all.

There is also a live countdown to the stream starting, which you can see on the official twitch page:

Make sure to give us a follow to know when we go live too!

Thank you all for your support! Get your questions and discussion topics ready, as I will be getting ready to chat with you all very soon - on all things LoveSick Darlings, and beyond!

Thanks everyone! See you soon on Twitch!

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